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Energy UK boss Angela Knight steps down from top job

ANGELA Knight, the so-called vo ice of the Energy industry, is to step down from her post as chief executive of Energy UK.

Ms Knight, 63, sad she wants to “develop further a non-executive portfolio career” and will leave the role at the end of the year.

After joining Energy UK in September 2012 she brought together a number of organisations to create the organisation.

Despite suppliers facing criticism for poor service and price hikes she said it was her aim to ensure energy customers received a “first class service from the industry”.

She said: “It has been a great two years bringing Energy UK together to support and represent at such an important time, this industry that is so vital to the country.

 new, cleaner and greener electricity generators and making the other changes necessary to meet national and international  targets inevitably adds to customers’ bills.  

“At the same time, consumers expect a first class service from the industry, a secure energy supply and one which is affordable. 

“Energy UK is now at the heart of this debate with regulators, policymakers and the public, as to how these changes are brought about and consumer expectations are met. 

 “I will be handing over a strong organisation capable of the task.

 “I will not lose my interest in the sector, and I will be seeking to pursue my interests in non-executive roles.”

 Lord Spicer, chairman of Energy UK said: “Angela has been an excellent chief executive and will be a hard act to follow.

“She has established Energy UK by bringing the industry together at a difficult period and helped it find its own unique and measured voice. 

“She is leaving a strong legacy for her successor and an organisation with the firm foundations needed for the future. 

“We face a challenging time and Angela leaves Energy UK well placed to continue to represent the industry and to make a positive contribution to the energy debate. 

“I have enjoyed working with her and know she will go on to be a success in whatever she does next.”